About me

I’m 33 years old guy living in Lodz, Poland. Due to my date of birth, I wasn’t able to attend Maiden’s gigs in my hometown in 1984 and 1986. But I did it in 2013 on Maiden England Tour with first to the barrier wrist band won in FC Competition.

Below you can see a photo of my wife and me at the barrier on other Maiden’s gig – Warsaw, 24.07.2022. Great experience!

Full list of shows I attended:

  1. 2007-06-06 Ostrava
  2. 2008-08-07 Warsaw
  3. 2011-06-10 Warsaw
  4. 2013-07-03 Lodz
  5. 2016-07-03 Wroclaw
  6. 2018-07-27 Krakow
  7. 2022-07-24 Warsaw
  8. 2023-06-13 Krakow

I have been collecting bootlegs since 2006 with some pauses. I returned to this hobby after gig in Krakow this year, bought a printer and started to print covers for the records. It’s a pure fun returning to it after some years, really refreshing!

I used to have my collector site in the past but I closed it.

I created a new one (this one) on 03-07-2023 with a will to catalog my bootlegs collection. I lead an intensive professional life so it can be a slow process, but who cares – it’s only for passion, no need to tense up.

You can mail me at wojtek@wojciechwawrzak.pl.