Iron Maiden 2010-07-12 New York City, Madison Square Gardens, USA, Audio Bootleg

Iron Maiden 2010-07-12 New York Audio Bootleg

Version: bcironmaiden
Source: Audience
Audio Quality: 8

2 CD (61:50 / 56:01)

  1. Intro
  2. Wicker Man
  3. Ghost Of The Navigator
  4. Wrathchild
  5. El Dorado
  6. Dance Of Death
  7. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
  8. These Colours Don’t Run
  9. Blood Brothers
  10. Wildest Dreams
  11. No More Lies
  12. Brave New World
  13. Fear Of The Dark
  14. Iron Maiden
  15. The Number Of The Beast
  16. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  17. Running Free

What can be said ,Great band, Great show, Great venue, Great freinds, Great time !!! I was a bit tired
having seen them the night before in Holmdel NJ with a long turn a round , but as soon as it started I
woke right up.
Now for the recording , it is NYC so there are some talkers, and drunks around me ( Dream Theater got the worst of it ) but all in all ,
it came out really good. I think all will enjoy.

From info file
Iron Maiden 2010-07-12 New York Front Cover
Iron Maiden 2010-07-12 New York Back Cover

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