Iron Maiden 1983-05-17 Newcastle, City Hall, UK, Audio Bootleg

Iron Maiden 1983-05-17 Newcastle, Audio Bootleg

Lineage : Aiwa HSF1 + Aiwa CM30 > Master Tape > Raw Wav file (16/44.1) > Audacity (Noted below) > Tracked Wavs > TLH (Sbe’s & Flac 8) > Dime…

Audio Quality: 8

Setlist :

01 – 'Where Eagles Dare’ Theme
02 – Where Eagles Dare
03 – Wrathchild
04 – The Trooper
05 – Revelations
06 – Flight Of Icarus
07 – Die With Your Boots On
08 – 22 Acacia Avenue
09 – The Number Of The Beast
10 – Still Life
11 – To Tame A Land
12 – Guitar & Drums…
13 – Phantom Of The Opera
14 – Hallowed Be Thy Name
15 – Iron Maiden
16 – Encore Break…
17 – Band Intro’s…
18 – Run To The Hills
19 – Encore Break…
20 – Banter…
21 – Sanctuary
22 – Drifter
23 – Banter…
24 – Prowler
25 – Encore Break…
26 – I Got The Fire

Circulated by Nelly-Duke in late October 2023 (& Much Appreciated for that as always), this required quite a lot of work in Audacity (primarily

Amplification on Both Channels of -15db > +12db – primarily reducing the volume of the audience clapping – along with an overall boost of +2db, with Left

Channel tweaks of -10db > +9db & Right Channel tweaks between -12.7db > +5.7db, several tapeflips excising, 36s extraneous audience excised from the end

& Fades adding appropriately) prior to the sbe’s & flac conversion…

Taped on the UK leg of the 'World Piece Tour’, this is a good healthy recording of a solid performance with the bonus of an unscheduled encore

Nelly-Duke’s notes are as follows…

'...The audience noise is probably more prevalent because a) I was fairly close to the back of the hall b) The Aiwa picked up audience noise a lot 

 more than the WMD6C, which seemed to zone in on the music rather than crowd noise c) I had a f*cking Gumby in front of me who just kept on 

 hollering all night!

 I traded it once with Simon C, who was a huge Maiden fan and had a much bigger trading network than I did, so he may have traded it on as well. 

 I'm pretty sure that there was more than one taper in the crowd that night. But I'm also pretty sure that I was the only one who got the full show 

 and with no cut tracks as Simon had tipped me off about when to turn over and when to change tapes...'
Iron Maiden 1983-05-17 Newcastle, Front Cover
Iron Maiden 1983-05-17 Newcastle, Back Cover

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